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Pastry Shop

Han Bing is not just an ideal gift but also a precious, sweet memory shared between friends and family.
Pastry Shop is the brand new, experience-oriented store launched by Jiu Zhen Nan. In an elegant, wood-inspired atmosphere, you can select handmade Chinese wedding cakes and gifts or sit down with friends and family to savor the unique favor and taste of Han Bing with a nice pot of finely selected tea.

Reservation Hotline: 07-701-8986
Pastry Shop

Wedding Cake Testing & Consultation

On display in Pastry Shop are different series of wedding cake gift boxes, wedding gifts and return gifts. Would-be newly-wed couples can have a wedding cake testing of Jiu Zhen Nan's diversely and richly flavored Han Bing with friends and family and select their favorite while consulting with our staff about wedding etiquette and custom. For more information, you can make a reservation, online, and our staff will contact you timely.

Han Bing & Tea

Pastry Shop can accommodate about forty-three guests. You can enjoy our Han Bing set menu or Han Bing gift box with our exquisite hand drip coffee or top-quality tea, savoring the delicate taste of our pastries, or find a good read from our library and enjoy a moment of tranquility with the alluring scent of pastries and the accompaniment of books.

Han Bing Set Menu