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Welcoming the Bride

Welcoming the Bride

  1. The groom's family will prepare and place the six gifts in wedding chests on the wedding day and load them onto the car (if betrothal and wedding ceremonies are held on the same day). After double-checking the items, cars and entourage, the groom will get properly dressed. The entourage for welcoming the bride should wear red corsages and name tags on the chest (men on the left; women on the right).
  2. The groom will give each member of the entourage a red envelope.
  3. After setting off firecrackers, the groom and his entourage departs to welcome and escort the bride home. Prior to arriving at the bride's home, they will light firecrackers to inform the bride's family.

Bride-welcoming Fleet

  1. The number of people of the groom's procession (including the groom who is bringing the bridal bouquet) should be an even number (6, 10 or 12 people). The wedding fleet should be of 2, 6 or 12 cars (depending on the number of people from the bride's side). The number of people in each car should also be an even number.
  2. The Chinese character "喜" (meaning joy and denoting wedding) will be pasted on the upper right hand side of the windshield of each car in the wedding fleet. Ribbons should be tied on all car door handles. The bridal car will be specifically decorated with two large red ribbons along with floral decorations.
  3. The procession will leave at an auspicious hour. The first car should be the pace car, which will set off firecrackers. A roll of firecrackers will be set off in front of the house, and along the way, the person sitting next to the driver is responsible of leading the fleet and lighting firecracker rows.
  4. The bridal car should not be arranged to be the fourth car in the fleet (it is usually the second car), and the matchmaker is customarily sitting next to the driver while the groom and the flower girl or page boy sitting at the back of the car.