Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry

JZN Cooking Lab

Immerse yourself in culinary fun. Enjoy the beauty & culture of food.
JZN Cooking Lab provides a professional pastry-making experience. Jiu Zhen Nan continues the concept of "following solar terms, eating seasonal food" upheld by the culture of seasonal diet, and presents JZN Cooking Lab that offers a series of culinary and baking programs based on seasonal changes and ingredients. Participants can immerse themselves in the fun of cooking and baking in a light-hearted atmosphere and enjoy the beauty and culture of food. We hope that everyone can perceive each season as nature's greatest, richest treasure while savoring delicious food.
JZN Cooking Lab

Features of JZN Cooking Lab

  • A small-class design of one instructor and a maximum of six participants, offering an easy, enjoyable learning experience.
  • A cozy, bright environment and baking equipment accessible at home, allowing participants to take the experience home and try for themselves.
  • Lockers and aprons are provided to keep your clothes fresh and clean.
  • Enjoy your personal Han Bing menu at Pastry Shop while waiting for the pastry you have made to be done.

Program Introduction

Traditional seasonal diet and classic Chinese pastries are part of many people's memory when growing up. Our Classic Han Bing Program offers you a chance to make various Chinese pastries and learn the essence of Han Bing in the process.