Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry

Centennial Craftsmanship

"Hand-kneaded dough, substantial filling, even firing for baking, avoid all preservatives." Jiu Zhen Nan is the first pastry brand to incorporate the pastry-making procedures into our centennial ancestral admonition. Jiu Zhen Nan's handcraft and skills are century-old. From filling to pastry crust, every part of our exquisite pastry is attentively hand-made.
Eat with Ease

Eat with Ease

100% Made in Taiwan
As a responsible pastry manufacturer, "food safety" has always been one of the most important parts in our food production process. To ensure the ease and safety of our customers, we insist on using minimum oil, sugar and zero preservatives, and our pastry is completely hand-made. In 2016, Jiu Zhen Nan introduced the ISO22000 management system to guard our customers' health and keep our promise of offering the freshest products.