Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry

About Jiu Zhen Nan

Founded in 1890, we have been devoted to handcrafting luxury Han Pastry for over 130 years. While we began as a humble one-store bakery, today Jiu Zhen Nan has become a household name across Taiwan, associated with celebrating life’s most meaningful moments.

Rich Flavor. Rich Tradition.

Steeped in Taiwanese tradition, our belovedcakes and pastries are packed with fresh and flavorful ingredients, which over the centuries represented wealth and wellness, making these gourmet delicacies the customary gift for all occasions. It is for this reason we take the utmost care when hand-making each and every one of our delectable cakes and pastries, as we recognize their leading role in traditional Taiwanese etiquette.

The Tao of Gifting

Giving Han Pastry as a giftplays a vital role in Taiwanese tradition. Sharing these time-honored cakes is a necessity when celebrating annual festivals, such as Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, and when marking momentous milestones in people’s lives, such as births, birthdays, and weddings.

When offered to friends and loved ones, Han Pastry has a long tradition of representing the precious relationships between those who give the cakes as thoughtful presents, and those who joyfully receive them. That’s why Taiwanese consider a carefully chosen pastry as an eloquent expression of respect, love, gratitude, and joy, all in one bite. At Jiu Zhen Nan, we believe in the Tao of Gifting, in upholding this rich cultural heritage, and in sharing this tradition with friends around the world.

The Spirit of Jiu Zhen Nan

Joy • Trust
When the newlyweds get married and create a family together, gifting wedding pastry is a gesture of sharing joy. When visiting friends and family or making visits on holidays, offering gifts is also a gesture of sharing nice and joyful sentiments. In short, the business of Han Bing is an industry brimming with happiness. "Joy," therefore, represents the spirit of Jiu Zhen Nan. Cherishing customers' "Trust" in the brand, Jiu Zhen Nan shall steadfastly better our quality and service, providing the most refined and delicious handmade pastry. It is our greatest hope that each gift giver and receiver can feel Jiu Zhen Nan's brand spirit.
Highly Sought-after Festive Products

Highly Sought-after Festive Products

As time went by, Jiu Zhen Nan continued to better its production and packaging of Han Bing, changing from making traditional pastry that weighed catties to smaller and suitable sizes that weighed by kilograms. At that time, Jiu Zhen Nan's pastry chefs had to produce on a daily basis five hundred catties of festival pastry, including turtle-shaped red rice cake, peach-shaped bun, red bun, etc., which showed how much the society and culture at that time valued and emphasized on traditional customs. In the 1970s, Taiwanese people's purchasing power increased due to the economic boom. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, people queued up for Jiu Zhen Nan's mung bean cake that was viewed as an essential gift for friends and relatives. In 1985, Jiu Zhen Nan moved the store to the "wedding cake street" on Zhongzheng Road and opened the flagship store, bringing the brand's reputation to a new level.

From a Financial Crisis to the Brand's Restoration

From a Financial Crisis to the Brand's Restoration

In 1990s, Jiu Zhen Nan suffered a loss of customers and a consequent operational crisis due to business diversification, insufficient brand positioning and westernization of the pastry market. In 1995, the current Chairman Eric H. C. Lee took over the family pastry business and re-positioned the brand by insisting on "producing the most exquisite handmade Chinese pastry." Revolutionizing and expanding the brand, Jiu Zhen Nan first established its flagship store at No. 84, Zhongzheng Road in Kaohsiung City, and entered Kaohsiung's SOGO Department, starting to set foot in department stores.

Jiu Zhen Nan expanded to the stations of Taiwan High Speed Railway

In 2007, Jiu Zhen Nan expanded to the stations of Taiwan High Speed Railway, and is currently available in Zuoying Station, Tainan Station, Chiayi Station, Taichung Station and Taoyuan Station. Meanwhile, Jiu Zhen Nan collaborated with Ever Rich, an international airport channel, to increase the visibility of Jiu Zhen Nan to Taiwanese and international travelers, largely enhancing the brand awareness. In 2013, Jiu Zhen Nan also collaborated with the French LVMH Group's Hong Kong duty-free store brand, DFS, and became the first Taiwanese pastry brand available in the Hong Kong Airport. At the same time, Jiu Zhen Nan began operating an e-commerce platform, making it easier for customers to purchase Jiu Zhen Nan's pastry gifts online.

Han Pastry House

From a small pastry shop that started in Tainan in the late Qing dynasty to today's international brand of Han Bing, Jiu Zhen Nan has witnessed the vicissitude of time and undergone the ups and downs of business development. However, through incorporating innovative cultural and creative elements into the centennial brand, giving traditional Chinese pastry a new life, and combining nostalgic and fresh flavors, a new chapter has begun in the expansion of Jiu Zhen Nan. In 2016, after the modernization of the production space, the establishment of the company's factory in Linkuang Export Processing Zone and the inauguration of the JZN Han Pastry House, Jiu Zhen Nan has also established a new milestone and entered the next stage as the brand creates entrepreneurial success and becomes a symbol of the continuously innovative spirit.