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Circle of Love

“ Circle of Love- the emotional connection of pastry and marriage” is the very first exhibition curated by Jiu Zhen Nan Han Pastry House. The exhibition faithfully demonstrates the spirits of Jiu Zhen Nan and promotes the culture as well as the aesthetics of Han Bing. The exhibition adopts immersive technology, interactive multimedia and virtual reality technology, providing a whole new aesthetic experience.The exhibition is planned chronologically in accordance with the development of Chinese marriage customs, which is composed of three major sections: “Here Comes the Wedding”, “Romantic Love” and “Digital Love”. The transformation of Han Bing and marriage customs from the early times to contemporary times play the interesting role in stringing up the whole exhibition.
Circle of Love

The Wonderful Wedding

During Feudal era, marriage is more like a trade—trading in exchange for a better living condition, or for the prosperous future of the kingdoms. Therefore, arranged marriage is common at that time. Heavy and complicated etiquettes doom the marriage, love seems to be far-fetched notion during that era. The customs of “six gifts”, the so-called dowry, is developed in the Chou dynasty. At that era ,the wedding pastry is regarded as the most important gift, in order to show off the powerful and wealthy family status, loads and loads of wedding pastries will be prepared.

# When six gifts are prepared and presented in front of the big house, families of both the bride and the groom feel proud and honored.
# The Meaning Hidden Behind the Patterns on the Han Bing Pastry Molds.
Digital Love

Romatic Love

During Japanese colonization period, the students studying abroad brings back the concept of “freedom to choose your love one”. They addressed that marriage should be built on the foundation of true love, which significantly impacted the conservative Taiwanese society at that time. The conservative society gradually became open about “dating” and “love”. The ice shaving shop became a popular dating spots for young couples. Also, the traditional pastry market was impacted by the western dietary habit, thus lots of traditional pastry shops starts to produce western cookies, replacing the traditional wedding pastry.

#The age with the first taste of love or “low-key love”
#Love embedded in the hand-written letters and memories of love collected in the metal box
Digital Love

Digital Love

In the digital era, social media platforms became the key interfaces of matchmaking. Falling in love does not necessarily happen in real world, but in online world as well. The Internet is now the virtual red-strings of Matchmaking God. The younger generation starts their wedding plans by googling online posts: all the details about making a proposal to the process of the wedding party are elaborated and shared on Facebook or Instagram.. This generation will adopt more of the delicate and tailor-made package designs instead of the economic ones while selecting their wedding pastry; they are crazy about pursuing the outlook and being unique. Along with the trend, Han Bing is gradually been transformed into a fashionable delicacy.

# Forming our love formula in the virtual and real-world.
# Is it love or like? The Big Data of Love

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Entry Fee: free(From July 2020)