Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry

Diversified Products

Established in Taiwan over 120 years ago, Jiu Zhen Nan has upheld our century-old ancestral admonition and legacy and is loved by customers for the delicately refined handcraft and the flavorful, sweet taste of our Han Bing. In addition to insisting on presenting the best quality and craftsmanship, we have combined tradition with fashion, transforming our design, packaging, flavor and taste with the spirit of innovation and sophistication and rendering Jiu Zen Han the most representative brand of Han Bing.

Delicate Gifts

Gifts of Han Bing Deliver Profound Meanings
Jiu Zhen Nan's gift box series includes our signature Taiwanese mooncake, immensely popular pineapple cake, exquisite almond cake, flavorful azuki mochi cake and sesame mochi cake, as well as the traditional snacks of jujube walnut nougat and milk nougat. This series of gift boxes is great for sharing with family and friends and for gifting, and have been introduced in various TV programs and other media, including Discovery Channel's Taiwan Made 2 and the Supertaste magazine.【Select our gifts】

Romantic Wedding Cake

Joyous Wedding, Happiness of Life
Having witnessed countless joyful moments, Jiu Zhen Nan understands the significance of a lifelong promise. We always use natural ingredients and fine handcraft to make our series of classic Chinese wedding cake, which has been people's first choice throughout generations. Each wedding cake gift box is handmade and conveys sincere warmth and attentiveness as well as our good wishes for the newly-weds. Select our wedding cake

Festive Gift Box

The Art of Gifting, Courtesy and Reciprocation
For every Chinese New Year and Moon Festival, Jiu Zhen Nan presents limited edition gift boxes comprised of festive sweets and delicacies, including peanut candy, Chinese candy cane, and a variety of crispy treats for the Lunar New Year as well as Cantonese mooncake and yolk cake for the Moon Festival. With uniquely festive designs, these special gift boxes are always the most sought-after items during the holidays.

Exquisite Tea Selection

The Perfection Combination of Pastry and Tea
Jiu Zhen Nan launched an exquisite selection of teas in 2016. The selection includes a top-quality Alishan Oolong Tea and a Rose Honey Black Tea, which is a superb blend of Hualien's Wuhe honey black tea and organic rose petals. The refined elegance and lingering fragrance of the finely selected tea go perfectly with our handcrafted Han Bing, and offer an ideal and leisure enjoyment.