Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry

Eating Seasonally

Following solar terms and festivals to eat food of the season is seasonal diet. Using handcraft, valuing etiquette, and continuing historic legacy creates culture.
With utmost sincerity to offer trustworthy food for joyful moments means Jiu Zhen Nan.


The Erya states: "Spring heralds in the benevolence of Heaven";
This indicates spring is the time when the vitality of nature gives birth to all the living things in the world.
Solar Terms | Lichun: The Beginning of Spring / Yushui: Rain Water /
Jingzhe: The Waking of Insects / Chunfen: the Spring Equinox / Qingming: Pure Brightness / Guyu: Grain Rain


The Erya states: "Summerheralds in the brightness of Heaven"; it is a period when the world is filled with light and vitality.
Solar Terms | Lexia: The Beginning of Summer / Xiaoman: Grain Full /
Mangzhong: Grain in Ear / Xiazhi: the Summer Solstice / Xiaoshu: Slight Heat / Dashu: Great Heat


The Erya states: "Autumn heralds in the Heaven of sentimentality." Min means commiseration for the withering of all things.
Solar Terms | Liqiu: the Beginning of Autumn / Chushu: the Limit of Heat /
Bailu: White Dew / Qiufen: The Autumnal Equinox / Hanlu: Cold Dew / Shuangjiang: Frost’s Descent


The Erya states: "Winterheralds in the Heaven of Peaceful Slumbering";
it is a period of rest when the heaven overlooks the earth. During this time, everything in nature retreats;
some even sleep through the season as leaves fall and birds migrate.
Solar Terms | Lidong: The Beginning of Winter / Xiaoxue: Slight Snow /
Daxue: Great Snow / Dongzhi: the Winter Solstice / Xiaohan: Slight Cold / Dahan: Great Cold /