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Jiu Zhen Nan Han Pastry House

In the past, Han Bing was essentially and closely related to Chinese traditional customs and etiquettes as well as the solar terms and festivals. However, under the influence by Western culture in recent years, the younger generations have a stereotypical impression that Han Bing is "a kind of sweet treat for the elders" and "a gift purchased by tourists." Therefore, the role of Han Bing seems to have gradually become blurry and unimportant.

As the leading brand of Han Bing in Taiwan, in order to increase people's understanding of Han Bing's value and culture, Jiu Zhen Nan has specifically launched the JZN Han Pastry House in 2016. The space, 4,421 m2 in size, houses the corporate headquarter, JZN Story Pavilion, Pastry Shop, JZN Cooking Lab and Book Tower, offering visitors a comprehensive experience to see, read about, make and taste Han Bing. Through the comprehensive experience that engages the five senses, it is hoped that all can enjoy the great flavors of this enduring and delicious pastry and understand the significant culture of seasonal diet that emphasizes the importance of "eating seasonal food according to the solar terms."
Jiu Zhen Nan Han Pastry House
Architectural Features
JZN Han Pastry House combines the contemporary green architectural design and the ambience of a traditional three-section compound, and extensively integrates Jiu Zhen Nan's cultural symbols and pastry molds into the space, forming a perfect union of tradition and fashion.
Touring the Space
Touring the Space

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A unique tourist factory unlike all others, JZN Han Pastry House is an experience-oriented space focusing on imparting knowledge of Han Bing and the dietary culture. Among our various spaces, only the Pastry Shop and JZN Cooking Lab are open to individual visitors to experience our Chinese Afternoon Tea and Handmade Han Bing Program per reservation. For touring the entire JZN Han Pastry House, visitors need to make a group reservation. The tour offers a comprehensive experience and provides visitors insights to and understanding of the culture of Han Bing.

Free entrance; for DIY lesson, please reserve via phone, email, Facebook Fan Page or online booking form.

Free entrance; for DIY lesson, please reserve via phone, email or Facebook Fan Page.

The DIY lesson is held regularly from Tuesday - Sunday, 3 lessons per day.

# Please reserve through online reservation form.

# During the baking time, you could ramble around the venue and learn more about Han Bing culture. You could also visit the Circle of Love Exhibition for free.

Open Time: Tuesday-Sunday; 10:00-18:00.
Contact Number: (07)701-8586 #315

Add: No. 298, Jiexi Rd., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City (MRT Daliao Station Exit 1)

Going North to Kaohsiung

Going South to Kaohsiung

Take the Kaohsiung MRT (Red Line to Xiaogang) at the HSR Zuoying Station and get off at Formosa Boulevard Station (R10). Transfer to the Orange Line to Daliao and get off at Daliao Station (OT1). Take Exit 1 and walk to the intersection of Jiexi Road, and then turn right and you will arrive JZN Han Pastry House in about 5 minutes.

Get off at the MRT Orange Line's Daliao Station (OT1). Take Exit 1 and Turn right at the intersection of Jiexi Road. Continue walking and you will arrive at JZN Han Pastry House in 5 minutes.