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Old Zhennan invited local disadvantaged primary school children to experience baking hand-made

- 2017.10.03
Old Zhennan invited local disadvantaged primary school children to experience baking hand-made
With the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival, the 100-year-old pie Zhenzhengnan made moon cake activities in the Hanbok Culture Museum in the Liao District of Kaohsiung today to arrange hands-on experience courses of egg yolk crisp and Cantonese-style moon cakes so that the public can start from kneading dough, Understand the culture of Chinese cake, experience the fun of making moon cakes.

In addition, four Creative Baby Day DIY events will be organized today and next Saturday to introduce the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes and Puddings so that children can learn traditional culture and understand the origins of pastry diets and festivals during their fun activities.

Hamburger cultural centers also benefit from the activities in advance, invited loyalty Yi Guo Xiao, Chao Lao Elementary School and small Lao Liu Lao primary school vulnerable primary school children to participate in activities to experience the hand-made old Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake popular - yolk crisp fun.

The old vibram five fingers outlet baking teacher first introduced ingredients, demonstration production dough, teach children how to knead the dough, then let the children do it yourself will be mixed with the oily skin, dough, the bean paste and filled with salty egg yolk cake bread, From raw materials to roasted layers, children complete the yolk crisps. With the hot yolk crisp oven, the children are very happy. In addition to the warm taste of the hand, they bring back the finished products to share with their families.

Loyalty to the country is very grateful to the old Zhen Han cake culture pie for hand-made moon cake experience activities, so that students feel the Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere, but also make their own delicious moon cakes, is a meaningful extra-curricular learning activities.